1) What are the construction timelines for Houghton Road improvements?
* The next Houghton project to go to construction is the Bridge over the UPRR, we anticipate construction activity to being in November, 2016.
* The design of the Houghton Road from 22nd to Irvington Road, which includes the Pantano Bridge, is just beginning. This project should be going to construction in about two years.
* The design of the UPRR to I-10 segment is complete, but construction on this segment is on hold until details with the Arizona Department of Transportation’s project at the Houghton Road/I10 interchange are confirmed.
* There is currently no project work scheduled for Houghton Road, south of I10.

You can visit the Houghton Corridor Website at: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/projects/houghton-road

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